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How Timepiece Works

We believe that every collection of video footage has an amazing story to tell so we enable individuals to share their life stories in an entertaining fashion. Finding a video editor, at any budget, to edit your footage and craft your story has never been easier!

We hope you find our service valuable and our How it Works helpful. We’re here to serve you so please contact us if you have any further questions or feedback.

How-to Overview

Capture the moments

At Timepiece, we don't care how or who is recording as long as the camera is rolling. Timepiece will accept all your digital footage no matter if it comes from a DSLR, GoPro, iPhone, mommy, daddy, a professional videographer, or your roommate from college. To help with collecting and organizing all of the moments, we recommend using file sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or WedUploader.

Search and preview video samples

We put the video editor’s work at the forefront of your search because we want you to find the video you would love your experience to look like when edited. Timepiece has up-front pricing and easy to use filters so you can find the video editor’s style that you want imparted on your video footage. We encourage you to contact the video editing freelancers for any specific questions you might have about their work and what they can do for your footage. Buyers can expect the same expression of the editor's style with similar music, final cut length, cut rate, transitions, and other video effects as the video identified by the buyer.

Hire the editor to bring your story to life

When you hire a video editor you will have your raw video footage edited to look like the sample video you selected. Be sure to message your editor to let them know of any must-have scenes, soundtrack requirements, or other custom request. You'll also need to share your footage with the editor. We recommend Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. to help collect all of your footage and share via a hyperlink in a message to the editor.

If necessary, request changes

Your video editor will work their magic and produce a first cut with your footage. They will message a hyperlink to the video for your review. Don’t be alarmed if the video is watermarked or of a lower resolution because the editor performs these security measures against theft of their work. After review of the first cut, you can accept the video or you can request changes to be made. Most clients require no more than one iteration of edits to finalize their video. Common examples of edit request are to remove a specific scene or add a specific scene that was left out.

Download and share your story!

When you are satisfied with your edited video, you will have to accept the final cut. At which time, the video editor will send you a hyperlink to the non-watermarked HD version of your video. The video is now yours to download and share with friends and family. Enjoy reliving the experience!

Note: Google Drive is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.


Why does an editor limit the amount of raw footage accepted?

Editors have to review raw footage which takes time. For a fixed price, editors designate the amount of raw video footage they are willing to accept and review when producing your story. Message the editor if you have more footage than they will accept in the listing because the editor may have a different price point for your amount of footage.

Can I use any song I want in the soundtrack of my video?

We take copyright laws seriously and we want to protect our creative community from copyright infringement (read Joe Simon's nightmare). Editors, by default, have the ultimate say in the soundtrack because fair use does not apply to freelancers creating a video with copyrighted music. Timepiece recommends our community only produce videos with licensed music which limits the soundtrack to songs available on licensing services like SongFreedom and royalty-free stock music sites. Please message the editor to voice your requirements for the soundtrack before work on your project begins.

Can I cancel my order at anytime and receive a full refund?

Cancellations fall into three different categories based on the varying stages of a project...

  1. If you have placed an order but the editor does not accept the job within three days:
    • Timepiece will automatically refund 100% of the purchase.
  2. If the editor has accepted the job and begun crafting your story:
    • Cancelling an order depends on the individual editor's cancellation policy for the listing.
    • The editor will refund the amount specified in their cancellation policy of their listing varying from 0-100% of the purchase.
    • Please keep in mind, at this point the editor has put forth some effort towards crafting your story.
  3. If you have seen the final cut and it is nothing like the editor advertised or you requested:
    • Communicate your concerns to the editor. Maybe it was an honest mistake and they will reproduce the video you wanted.
    • If they are still unable to produce a video of similar style and quality, request a full refund from the editor and be sure to explain the reasons for your request.
      • Timepiece takes fraud seriously and impersonators are not welcome in our community. If the editor cannot reproduce a video similar in style to the video advertised and they will not refund your purchase, please contact us and we'll take appropriate actions to resolve the dispute and refund your purchase.

How do I send Hudl footage to the editor for a sports recruitment highlight video?

Hudl authorizes only your coach and college coaches to download your game footage. As a fan, athlete, or video editor, you can only preview the highlights on Hudl which does not help us make a highlight film. To provide the video editor with your footage you must request your coach download the footage you want and then send you a copy. You will then share that footage with your editor. Instructions for your coach on how to download your footage on Hudl can be found here.

Filming Tips

Visit our blog to get the most recent tips on filming any event. Below is a supplemental source for capturing your moments at their best.

Helpful Filming Tips

Video enthusiasts will tell you, "the best camera is the one you have in your hand." So no matter the device you are using, as long as you capture the moment you won't be disappointed. If you would like to improve your videography skills before you start filming, take a look at this list of general videography tips. You'll find helpful recommendations on how to record the moments at their best.

Easily Collect Everyone's Video

Gathering everyone's video is easy when you use cloud services that specialize in collaboration. Google Drive and Dropbox are the most popular and versatile when you need to receive large video files from multiple people. Also, both services have a nice feature for your friends and family to send you their pictures and video even if they do not have an account. For weddings, WedUploader was designed specifically for gathering pictures and videos from guest on your big day, and it's free!

Filming Your Wedding

Your big day can be stressful so we created the complete guide to filming your own wedding to help you worry a little less about capturing your big day!

Why use Timepiece?

We have set out to help you spend less time figuring out what clients want and more time doing what you love.

Timepiece is a marketplace that takes an all new approach to connecting freelance video editors with clients. Unlike the average online freelance site where you post your credentials and engage in awkward price negotiations, think of Timepiece as your own gallery. Instead of going through the hassle of selling who you are, we’ll help you simply showcase your work.

Clients communicate the style they want imparted on their footage by selecting your sample video. It is as simple for them as saying "I want my video to look like yours!" which frees you from excessive admin activities.

"The overhead effort of marketing to potential clients, consulting on a project, agreeing to requirements, and negotiating a price equates to a staggering 40% of my time. Sometimes without a payoff." -Anonymous Editor

We set-up Timepiece this way because the home video market needs your help. Everyone has a video recording device whether it be on their mobile phone, a handheld action camera, DSLR, or a VHS device with mountains of tape that hasn’t been touched in years. We record countless hours of life experiences that seldom get viewed again, let alone storyboarded and nicely packaged with an entertaining editing style.

Timepiece wants clients to see the potential you can impart on their footage. Help your clients remember the moments without the hassle!

Selling Overview

Sign up and create free listings

Sign up for free, create a profile, and link either your bank account or PayPal account to receive client payments. Begin posting unlimited free listings with the following attributes:

One of your existing videos
Your existing videos will serve as demo videos for potential clients. Because clients and editors do not share a common editing language, posting your existing videos helps clients identify and communicate how they want their own final cut to look like. Different editing styles speak to different clients. The intention of a Timepiece listing is to show potential clients that their stories can be retold with a unique look and feel – your editing style.

A fixed price
Set a fixed price for applying the style in your existing video to a client’s raw footage. You define the scope and set constraints around items like the length of raw footage you’ll accept and the number of editing iterations. Also, the raw footage is available for your review prior to accepting projects.

A description
Include a more technical description of the edits seen in your demo video, e.g. tone, tempo, transitions, and special effects. Clients expect to see the same or very similar edits applied to their raw footage.

Any constraints
Set limits on items like the length of raw footage you’ll accept and the number of editing iterations for the fixed listing price.

A tiered refund policy
The refund policy for declining a project prior to starting editing is always 100%. You may identify the refund percentage if (1) a client were to cancel a request after you accept but before you produce the first cut and (2) if a client were to cancel after you produce the first cut

Let the client find you

Receive project requests and raw footage as clients decide to hire you. If they have not already, ask the client to share their raw footage in the project message forum. After reviewing a project request, you may accept or decline the project. Timepiece recommends messaging the client if there are any questions or concerns about expectations with their raw footage. When you accept a project, you’ll be expected to adhere to the time frame you provided in the listing for returning the first cut.

Perform post production magic

Apply the editing style in your listing to the client’s raw footage. When you're ready, share the first cut with the client and await feedback. Timepiece recommends using the same file sharing platform the client used when sharing their raw footage with you. Also, consider applying watermarks to minimize theft of your draft.

Produce the final cut

Receive the client’s feedback and additional requests for edits subject to the limits you set in the listing. When the client is happy with the video, deliver an HD, un-watermarked version of their video.

Rate and repeat

Optionally, rate and review the client if you wish to share your experience with other members of the Timepiece community. Respond to new requests and create more listings to showcase your style!

Billing and Payments

Timepiece enables editors to receive payment by direct deposit to their bank via Stripe Connect or through their PayPal account. At least one payment gateway method is required in order to accept payments for your listings and it must be connected to Timepiece granting Timepiece permission to charge a 20% transaction fee. Editors may connect both gateways and the client on checkout will select their preferred method.

Connect Payment Gateway and Authorize Transaction Fee

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and select Settings.
  3. Select Payments.
  4. Select Add bank details or select Connect your PayPal account and follow the prompts.
  5. If you are using PayPal, go to step 2 and select Grant permission and follow the prompts to allow Timepiece to charge a transaction fee.

Note (1): Receipt of payment depends on the payment gateway chosen by the editor. PayPal deposits the payment instantly upon accepting a project request. Stripe holds the payment in escrow until the project is marked as complete by the buyer or after 90 days, whichever comes first. To receive payments up-front, connect your PayPal account with Timepiece. To receive payments when the project is complete, connect your bank account via Stripe.

Note (2): If you use PayPal as your gateway, PayPal will deduct PayPal's transaction fees of 2.9% + $0.30 in addition to Timepiece's fee. Also, editors need a PayPal business account which is required in order to process credit card payments from non-PayPal users. If you don't have a business account, upgrading your existing account or creating a new PayPal Business account is quick and free of charge. There are no additional costs involved. To upgrade to a PayPal business account, go to If you are an individual, just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a "business name".

Manage Profile

Edit profile

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and select Settings.
  3. Under Profile info, edit your profile info.
  4. Save the changes at the bottom of page.

Change password

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and select Settings.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Navigate to the password section and select Change.
  5. Enter a new password and select Save.

Change payment account

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and select Settings.
  3. Select Payments.
  4. Select the payment account you would like to change and follow the prompts.

Manage notifications from Timepiece

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and select Settings.
  3. Select Notifications.
  4. Change your preferences and click Save information.

Delete account

Deleting your account is permanent. Deleted accounts cannot be recovered. Proceed with caution.

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and select Settings.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Select Permanently delete my account.

Manage Listings

Edit listing

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and select Profile.
  3. Select the listing you want to edit.
  4. Select Edit listing.
  5. Edit the listing.
  6. Save the listing at the bottom of the page.

Close (hide) listing

Closing a listing hides the listing from the public. Listings cannot be permanently deleted.

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and and select Profile.
  3. Select the listing you want to close.
  4. Select Close listing.
  5. The listing is now hidden from the public.

Reopen listing

  1. Log in.
  2. Hover over your profile picture and select Profile.
  3. Select Show also closed.
  4. Select the listing you want to re-open.
  5. Select Reopen listing.
  6. You will be prompted to edit the listing. Optionally, edit the listing.
  7. Save the listing at the bottom of the page.
  8. You will receive confirmation that the listing was reopened.


How much does it costs to create a listing?

Creating a listing is free and you can create an unlimited number of free listings.

How much is the Timepiece transaction fee?

Timepiece charges a 20% commission on the listing price when a sale occurs.

When can I expect to receive payment?

Receipt of payment depends on the payment gateway chosen by the editor. PayPal deposits the payment instantly upon accepting a project request. Stripe holds the payment in escrow until the project is marked as complete by the buyer or after 90 days, whichever comes first. To receive payments up-front, connect your PayPal account with Timepiece. To receive payments when the project is complete, connect your bank account via Stripe.

Do I need a video for my listing? And if so, what if I do not have permission to share a video from my portfolio?

Yes, you need a video for each listing. The video is very important because it shows a potential client what you can do with their footage. If you currently do not have any videos for display but would like to sell on Timepiece, please contact us. We have plenty of home footage from all the categories we would be willing to let you work your magic on and help grow your portfolio.

What if my video does not fit into a current category?

Not a problem, we love new and unique videos on Timepiece. Please contact us, show us your video, and suggest a category name. We'll work with you to figure something out.

Can I list the same video at different price points?

Yes. Create a separate listing with a different price and listing details. This is helpful when you want to vary the price based on the amount of raw footage the client provides.

How can I suspend sales of my listings?

This is helpful when you are working on a big job or taking time off and you do not want to take on new work. Closing a listing from the marketplace makes the listing private. Closing a listing does not delete a listing. Closed listings can be reopened, which makes it public to the marketplace again. See manage listings for instructions on how to close and reopen listings.

Can I delete a listing?

Listings cannot be permanently deleted. You can only close a listing making it private but it does not delete the listing.

What happens if I do not respond to a project request?

The order will automatically cancel after 3 days. This approach is poor customer service and Timepiece urges editors to decline project requests with an explanation to clients. If you plan to take time off or are fortunate enough to be too busy to accept an order, please consider closing your listing(s) until you are ready to accept orders again.

How do I receive Hudl footage from a client for a sports recruitment highlight video?

Hudl authorizes only the player's coach and college coaches to download game footage. As a fan, athlete, or video editor, you can only preview the highlights on Hudl which does not help us make a highlight film. To receive footage you must request the client ask their coach to download the footage they want included in the recruitment video and send it to the client. The client then will be able to share that footage with you during the transaction process. Instructions for the coach on how to download footage on Hudl can be found here.

Freelancing Tips

General advice for your listings

A listing is an editor's advertisement to potential clients. It requires 4 essentials to ultimately make the best impression.

#1 - Image - The image is the first impression potential clients will have of your listing. When viewing the Timepiece homepage, you will see listing images holding the majority of the screen real estate. The image you choose to represent your listing should reflect the overall style of the listing.

#2 - Video - The video is the first impression potential clients have when they view a listing. We want potential clients to watch your video and say "I want my video to look like that!" Timepiece supports YouTube and Vimeo hyperlinks for embedding iframes. Hyperlinks to anything else will not display on your listing.

#3 - Consistency - Potential clients are looking for consistency in a listing. The image should align with the title, which aligns with the video, and with all the other attributes in the listing.

#4 - Payment gateway - An editor cannot receive orders until they have connected either their bank or PayPal account with Timepiece.

Your profile picture

At Timepiece, we emphasize your work and not your personal information. We provide the ability to upload a profile picture but it can be whatever best expresses your style. If you are photogenic and want to use a traditional profile picture then here are some tips you can follow. Another option is to use a picture of something or some place that represents your style. Lastly, if you have a logo for your business, we recommend using it for your profile picture.

Your profile name

Timepiece only shows potential clients your first name in your profile. Our recommendation is to use either your real name or the name of your business.

Consistent name in PayPal and Timepiece

If PayPal is used as the payment gateway, clients are directed to pay on PayPal when they hire an editor. PayPal will use the business name in your PayPal account to refer to the service to which the client is paying. The name in PayPal should match your profile name on Timepiece for consistency. You do not want to scare away potential customers because the person they are paying on PayPal does not match your listing on Timepiece.

Create an informal network to share work

Timepiece is striving to be a community of editors helping editors. For the few situations when you need to decline a job, it is great customer service to be able to provide a recommendation for another editor to the client. An example would be if a client shares low resolution raw footage but you specialize in HD professional grade and do not think you could deliver what the client envisions. Politely refer the client to another editor, whom you might have an informal agreement with, that shares your similar style but specializes in getting the most out of low resolution footage.