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About Us

Tell me if this sounds familiar… you’re on vacation capturing the exciting moments as they happen candidly. In our minds we imagine sharing this video footage in an entertaining fashion later with friends and family. However, all we have is lengthy un-cut raw footage. You are the star of the show but the star is buried between a dozen clips of uninteresting downtime. You decide to save the footage for later because you will probably spend time editing it if you ever get around to mastering the editing software you have. If only creating an entertaining video of your experience was as easy as applying a style filter to a photo.

At Timepiece, we hate to see wonderful memories captured on video forgotten on a hard drive somewhere collecting digital dust. Our mission is to enable customers to tell their life stories, in an entertaining fashion, at any budget. 

Timepiece was launched by co-founders who enjoyed sharing stories from their life experiences, most predominantly from ski trips to Lake Tahoe and Colorado. At the end of each trip, they would collect everyone's raw video footage and craft a 10-15 minute story expressing the laughter, camaraderie, but mostly the embarrassing moments of the trip. What they came to realize is that despite the quantity of video in existence, there were very few quality videos that depicted entertaining stories. These storytellers and their audiences were missing out so the founders built Timepiece. A marketplace consisting of talented video editors, eager to help you craft, relive, and share your stories. 

At Timepiece, we want you to remember the moments without the hassle! 

How to Reach Out to Us

We are available to answer any questions you might have and we're eager to hear your feedback. You can use our contact us form or email us directly at For an immediate chance of having your question answered, please see our how it works for basic instructions and FAQs.

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